Basic Concepts of Programming Languages C++ Programming Examples

Basic Concepts of Programming

Basic Concepts of Programming language


Programming can be considered as both an art, a science. Coding is an art because of its creativity & versatility & science. There are several rules to follow for generating a particular logic. Simple c++ program.


Set of well define instructions is called a program. A program is just a set of instructions that the computer must follow in order to process Data into Information. Program is also called software Engineering.


  • Programming helps us to understand Computers.
  • Programming enhances the Analytical Capabilities of the mind.


Correct, Usable, Reliable, Understandable, Modifiable, Maintainable, Flexible, General & Efficient.

Five Main Steps of Programming Process:


Determining the program Objectives, Input and Output Data, and Processing requirements.


Top-down Program Design, Algorithm & Flowchart.


Writing Instructions on Computer (Compilation & Interpreter)


Finding & removing Errors from program (Syntax, Logic & Run Time Errors) Bugs.


User Documentation, Operator Documentation and Programmers Documentation.

Characteristics of Programming Languages:

Input / Output Instructions, Computation Instructions, Control Instruction and Assignment Instructions.


LANGUAGE is used to write instructions or programs for computers. instructions are used to write any type of program and used to take some task by the computer. C++ projects for beginners with source code

The best to learn a new language is, to speak it right from the outset (beginning), listening, and repeating. The same applies to computer languages wish to learn C, we must start writing C programs as quickly as possible. C# Projects with Source Code

Features of C Language:
  1. Efficient, Reliable, Simple & Easy to use & understand.
  2. Compiled Language because of two EXE files.
  3. Dependent EXE file (with linking process) Source Executed.
  4. Independent EXE file (without linking process) source Not executed.
  5. Case sensitive.
  6. All instructions must be written in small letters. The program is not compiled.
  7. Modular Language.
  8. A Big Program Can be divided into small programs or Modules.
  9. ; this must use to terminate any statement.
  10. The main function must contain in every C program.
  11. Header file #include<stdio.h> allows the program to interact with the screen, keyboard, and file system of the Computer.
  12. The main function represents the start of the program, and all instructions of the program are written on the body of the main method in the form of the curly bracket
IDE (Integrated Development Environment):

IDE combines all the features needed to develop a C program (Editor, Compiler, Linker, Debugger and Help System into a single, easy —to — use screen display).

  1. Text Editor (.EXE)
  2. Compiler (.BAT)
  3. Linker (.COM)
  4. Debugger
  5. Help function (F1)
Source Code:

Source codes are those which are written in a high-level language. Users can’t understand directly machine language. The source program is written by the user or programmer to give instructions to the computer. Source code consists of instructions in any programming language except machine language Like C, C++, Java, C# and etc. cC++ code examples.

C++ Programs Examples with Output:

No.C++ Projects for beginners with Source Code
1Write a C++ program to check triangle by entering 3 angles
2Write a C++ program that asks for the number of units sold and computes the total cost of the purchase.
3Write a program that asks the user to enter a number of seconds.
4Write a C++ program that will ask user to enter two integral numbers. The numbers should be swapped without using any third variable.
5Write a C++ program which takes the price of bakery items ranging from 0-999
6Write a C++ Program to print the bill.
7Write a C++ Program to calculate Sales tax.
8Write a program that will calculate the selling price of a circuit board that costs $12.67
9Write a program that continually calculates the cube of a number until the user enters a number that is divisible 2
10Write a C++ program in which user enters his NTS and FSc marks and your program will help student in selection of university.
11Write a C++ program that will display if a students is pass or not in his exam.
12Write a c++ program that stores monthly rainfall amounts in an array.
13Snake game in C++
14C++ Program one large chemical company pays its salespeople on a commission basis
15Write a C++ program that reads a temperature value and the letter C for Celsius or F for Fahrenheit. Print whether water is liquid, solid, or gaseous
16Write a C++ program that uses a while structure and the tab escape sequence \t
17C++ program file handling create an empty text file and assign some values
18Write a program parking garage charges and calculate Charges to determine the charge for each customer
19Write a recursive function to obtain the first 25 numbers of a Fibonacci sequence.
20Write a program to compute the sum recursively in C++
21Program that print the elements of the array in reverse order by using a pointer.
22Write a C++ program for ticket booking system
23Write a program to input elements in an array and sort array using pointers array in ascending or descending order using function pointers.
24C++ Program by using pointer that receives array of 5 integers numbers and calculate the sum, average and standard deviation of these numbers.
25Write a program library management system menu driven program that depicts the working of a library
26Create a Program that structure to specify data of customers in a bank
27Write a program to convert a string in lowercase
28Program takes a string and calculates the number of vowels, digits and white spaces
29Program to find a substring within a string. If found display its starting position
30Program to find transpose of a matrix by using multi-dimensional arrays.
31Write a program to add two matrices by using multi-dimensional arrays.
32Program that accepts temperature of 7 days from user and print their average using array
33Write a program to print elements of an array in reverse order
34The function receives a float and an int from main ( ) finds the product of these two and returns the product which is printed through main ( )
35Program that calculate the factorial value of any number by using functions
36Using function, write program that prints your name 10 times. The Function can take no arguments and should not return any value
37Program Generate for loop, while loop, and do while loop using if and switch functions
38Program that checks whether a number is prime or not by using if else structure and while loop
39Write a program to calculate the factorial of any number using do while loop
40Write a program to calculate the factorial of any number

C# Sample Code:

No.C# Projects with source code
1Implement bubble sort in C# the value of array given by the users
2Write a C# program of throwing an exception when dividing by zero condition occurs
3Create a Simple Calculator in C# Windows form Application with Source Code
4C# windows form application projects with source code
5C# Program that read array display the smallest integer and sort the array in ascending order by using Array.Sort method.
6Write a C# program to demonstrate the multiple inheritances
7C# Program Create an inheritance hierarchy that a bank might use to represent the customer’s bank accounts.
8C# program that defines a class to represent a bank account which includes the following member
9Develop a C# app that will determine the gross pay for each of three employees
10Write a C# program that reads two arrays and checks whether they are equal.
11Write a C# program to create a static function factorial and calculate factorial of the number.
12C# program to count vowels in a string
13C# Program Create a class student with a data members name and calculate marks and percentage.
14C# program which checks whether the number you inputted is an Even or Odd number
15How to Input any Number in C#
16C# Program that Subtracts two user defined numbers
17C# Program Calculating the Area of a Rectangle

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