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Q: How to Octal to Decimal Converter?

Weighted Multiplication:

Multiply each little bit of the Octal Number by its corresponding bit-weighting factor example, Bit-0→8^0=1; Bit-1→8^1=8; Bit-2→8^2=64; etc.

Sum up all of the products in step (a) to urge the decimal number.


Convert octal number 140 base 8 into its decimal equivalent.

Octal to Decimal Converter

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We have to understand what does actually mean it’s a number system having eight as its base or radix the octal numeral system is active for brief is that the base eight number system and uses the digits zero to seven within the early days of computing the octal numbering system was highly regarded for counting inputs and outputs because the octal number system features a radix of eight.

So, to represent a number during this system the suffix or subscript eight is used to identify like three four five six eight now we’re getting to undergo a table by which you’ll easily understand.

This number system here octal 0 is like decimal 0 octal 1 is similar to decimal 1 octal 2 is similar to decimal 2 octal 3 is similar to decimal 3, 4 is similar to decimal 4 octal 5 is similar to decimal 5 octal 6 is similar to decimal 6 octal seven is similar to decimal 7, octal 10 is similar to decimal 8, octal 11 is similar to decimal 9, octal 12 is similar to decimal 10 octal 13 is similar to decimal 11 octal 14 is similar to decimal 12 then on.

Why can we need an octal number system?

The computer isn’t comfortable with multiple symbols thus it uses a base 2 numeration system positional notation positional representation system binary numeration system where we will only have two symbols one and 0 so to represent a number or a letter or a personality requires an extended string of binary digits but we as humans are very comfortable with multiple symbols but aren’t that good in remembering longer strings so we normally use decimal number system octal may be a reasonable compromise between the binary numeration system and decimal actually octal is used for the human with advantages that they will easily work with many symbols.

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