Decimal to Binary converter with examples

Decimal to Binary converter with examples

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Q: How to Decimal to Binary Converter?

Learn a simple conversion trick from Decimal to Binary Decimal represents the numbers you use on a daily basis, 0 to 9 So the base of Decimal is 10 Because we have 10 options to represent 1 digit, which is also called a bit Binary numbers are only ones and zeroes So the base of Binary is 2 because we only have 2 options to represent 1 bit I’ve created the following table so it will be easier to understand where the numbers came from To calculate the Decimal value of any base, not just Binary, you take the base and power it by 0 Then 1, 2, until … 8 for example And we’ll soon see why I chose 8 and not by 9 and 10 and so on.


Decimal to Binary Converter