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Q: How to Octal to Binary Converter?

Convert an octal number to a binary number. An octal number has eight possible values for each position, 0 through 7. So we’re going to take an octal number, 755, and convert it to binary. We are going to look at each position as its own separate 3-bit binary number. A 3-bit binary number has eight possible values as well.

So we’re going to look at seven first. Seven in binary would be 111. 5 in binary would be 101 and 5 in binary would be 101 this would be four plus two plus one. This will be four plus one, four plus one. Then we just need to join the numbers together, 111 101 101 and that would be the binary equivalent of the octal number 755.

Let’s do another, 644. Six in binary would be 110. Four in binary would be 100, four binary would be 100. So put them all together we get 110 100 100. Let’s do another one, 655, 10 101 101. This is six in binary, this is 5 binary and this is 5 in binary. Put them all together we get one 110 101 101. By converting the number from octal to binary.


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